The (new) benefits of olive oil that even Egyptians knew it.

Just for a moment, we would like to bring you some positive news. Therefore, we offer you a review of the various benefits of olive oil for health and well-being. We have been collecting them from articles published both in academic researches and media.

The key is that more and more Olive Oil properties are being discovered every day. However, these were well known by our ancient ancestors. Even in the times of the Egyptian Empire.


From the Spanish e-newspaper El Confidencial, we have learned that the University of Kanazawa, in Japan, proved that oleic acid “has the ability to reduce certain biological markers associated with inflammations, such as C-reactive protein,” and other studies have also shown that the oleocanal (an antioxidant present in the olive oil) is “as anti-inflammatory as ibuprofen itself.” Specifically, professors Lucas, Rusell and Keast of University of Deakin (Australia) suggest that 3,5 tablespoons of olive oil equal the 10% of the dose of ibuprofen used by adults.

Cardiovascular diseases

We have also known that olive oil can reduce the prevalence of cardiovascular diseases. For example, in Greece, the Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics concluded that deaths from heart conditions are lower in Mediterranean countries as more olive oil is consumed. This has led to talk about a “cardioprotective action” of the olive oil since: it reduces inflammation, improves the health of blood vessels, prevents thrombus and heart attacks and reduces blood pressure (as suggested by the University Frederick II of Naples)

Cancer prevention?

In statistical terms, there is speculation that the antioxidants in olive oil can counteract the free radicals in our cells, which could explain why cancer rates are lower in the Mediterranean than in other countries in the world.

El Confidencial affirms that several studies have shown how, in “in vitro tests”, some of the components of olive oil were fighting “cancer cells of various malignant tumors.” Of course, it should be noted that the medical application in this regard is still far away.


In another informative article, Spanish e-newspaper El Economista says olive oil can combat various effects of aging. The fact is that a tablespoon of oil would provide 8% of the daily recommended E-Vitamin dose. This is a vitamin linked to the reduction of the ageing of our cells. Also, it could give us certain polyphenols and monounsaturated fats that are good for combating arthritis and bone loss related to aging.

It’s delicious – and the Egyptians knew it

Finally, we have learned from the book, entitled “History and Technology of Olive Oil in the Holy Land“. The Author Rafael Frankel explains that olive oil was produced, at least, since 5.000 b.C. and has always been used for food, to preserve meat in marinades, for the beauty and care of human skin and for any types of sacred uses. The Egyptians and other Mediterranean civilizations of Antiquity knew it well. If you  allow us, we could say that olive oil is a divine product!

In Ralda+Friends we try to be always optimistic. We know that the world is facing the Covid-19 Outbreak, but we want to show that with a good attitude (and a little of olive oil) things go (and taste) better.

Alfredo & Pierre RALDA