The Ralda family has its roots in Godall, a typical Mediterranean village , where 80% of people in Catalonia with the Ralda surname are from.We have grown native olive trees for centuries and we produce oil under the Montsia-Baix Ebre Protected Denomination of Origin, an activity which has strengthened our ties with this unique intersection of three of the founding regions of the Iberian culture: Catalonia, Aragon and Valencia.


In keeping with a tradition that has Greek and Phoenician roots and which was introduced by the Romans in our country, we are passionate about our artisanal vocation and of course, our product: the unique flavour produced by our olive trees. That’s why we invite you to share our passion by ADOPTING AN OLIVE TREE.


Our friends

As well as enjoying our oil, we also want you to discover other unique products from the Terres de l’Ebre region, produced by our friends: olives, rice and olivada paste.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Victor, who has been in charge of caring for our olive trees in Godall for many years; Eduard Peris who produces the best olives and olivada paste in the region in Bot; the Negret family who make delicious rice in the Ebro Delta Natural Park, and all our friends for their support and advice including Mireia, Lorena, Iván, Roberto and Ramón.

Joaquim Ralda - El patriarca que conoce la historia de todas las piedras del campo
Pili - La iaia cocinera
Alfredo - El germà gran
Pedro - Alias Pierre el Petit Suisse
Victor - El jardinero atento de los viejos olivos
Mireia - Nuestra fotógrafa
Blais - El brujo de las Aceitunas
Tomás - El sabio arrocero


Finally, our immense gratitude goes to our ‘guardians of the essence’, Pili ‘la Madrilena’ and our uncle Joaquín ‘de Tronera’, who ebuilt the drystone house on the Serra.

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