Benefits Extension for R+F clients and friends. Adapting ourselves to the COVID crisis

Sadly, these days are full of stress and difficulties all around the world. Here at Ralda+Friends we would send our warmest regards to everyone and, particularly, to all our friends and adopters who have helped us so far. We would also like to have a few words of support for all those people suffering from the Covid-19 disease or preparing themselves to receive the effects of a foreseeable economic crisis.

As we have been informing you, since the confinement for the COVID-19 started, we have been forced to continuously adapt and change our plans. Thus, for example, we had to cancel this last March our Annual Encounter of Friends and Adopters, as the Oil and Asparagus Fair of Godall, scheduled for March 14, was also withdrawn. For us this meeting is very special but we are committed to host the best possible meeting in 2021!

Subsequently, we had to stop the distribution of our oils and other products in Spain and other countries in Europe (except Switzerland). As our logistics operator Mondial Relay stopped working, it has prevented us from meeting our commitments to our adopters and friends, which is the basis of our project. We are deeply sorry for that. But again … We promise to reestablish the service as soon as materially possible!

However, and to compensate this collateral effect of the COVID-19, we have decided to extend the validity of the adoption conditions for the entire duration of the emergency in Spain. In other words: adopters and friends whose sponsorship would end in March, April, May or June, will have now three additional months for benefitting from their condition, once the confinement ends.

By the way, since February neither Pierre confined in Barcelona nor Alfredo in Geneva have been able to go to Godall, because of the strict confinement inside Spain and the closure of the borders between France and Spain with Switzerland. So, we promise to return soon to contemplate and care for our olive trees with all the love in the world.

As you can see. we are a little big project, and even if we can do little against a global pandemic, we are going to do our best to deliver our beloved olive oil to everybody.

Thank you for your support and stay safe!