Here you will find answers to a selection of frequently asked questions raised by users on the operation of this website and on our sponsorship project.

What is Ralda + Friends?
Ralda + Friends offers you a new way to experience the olive oil culture, one of the key ingredients of the Mediterranean diet and the Mediterranean culture in general.

Ralda + Friends was set up with the aim of promoting not just the olive oil culture, but also the values associated with our artisanal production principles: quality, traceability, respect for tradition, sustainability and support for small-scale producers.

We also want to preserve the valuable heritage of rural areas like Godall, where our olive trees are located, a small village in the province of Tarragona, in Catalonia (Spain).

So alongside our olive oil, we also sell other typical products from the Terres de L’Ebre region, at affordable prices. We want to build a close relationship with our customers and friends, and to offer them the chance to adopt one of our olive trees.

Who are we?
The Ralda family has strong roots in the town of Godall, in the Montsia region, a town with a distinctive Mediterranean feel, where 80% of people in Catalonia with the Ralda surname are from.

We have grown native varieties of olive trees for centuries and we produce oil under the Montsia-Baix Ebre Protected Denomination of Origin, an activity which has strengthened our ties with this very special intersection of three of the founding regions of the Iberian culture: Catalonia, Aragon and Valencia.


How do I join the Ralda + Friends community?
It is very easy to become a member of the Ralda + Friends community, and by extension a friend of ours and a friend of olive oil in general. There are a few ways to become a part of the community:

1. You can like/follow us on Facebook and subscribe to our newsletter on the website. You will then have access to all the special offers and to our online shop, where you can buy our olive oil and other regional products. You can also share your opinion and ratings with the rest of the community.

2. If you want to be more involved in our project, the best way is by adopting a tree. On our website you can select an olive tree from one of our two farms, “La Serra” and “La Plana” – and you can even name it! Once you have signed up to adopt the tree for a year, at a cost of just 100 euros, you will receive a pack of three bottles of limited series olive oil every four months, a total of 4.5 litres of artisan olive oil a year. You will also enjoy special offers and exclusive activities, including discounts in our online shop.

3. Another option to be a part of Ralda + Friends is to buy our exceptional olive oil and other high quality regional products, carefully selected by us and available in our online shop.


What is My Profile?
You will need to register in order to sign up to receive our newsletter, adopt an olive tree or buy products from our Online Shop. During registration we will ask you for your personal details and preferences.
Where can I check and update My Profile?
You can access your profile at any time via the ‘My Account’ tab at the upper right corner of our website.


What is adoption?
We offer our own products and other products from the surrounding area that 100% abide by our philosophy of quality and traceability to our friends and members of our community. We offer them at competitive prices and avoid the long chain of intermediaries that large distributors use.

By adopting an olive tree, you are directly helping the region’s producers, supporting the development of a sustainable economy in the Terres del Ebre region both in the medium and long term. In short, once you become involved in our community, we want to offer you direct access to natural products and flavours. With your support, we can preserve rural areas like the one where our farm is located, ensuring the sustainable development of our countryside. Together we believe in quality, true expertise and authentic flavours.

Your adoption will also give you direct access to high quality products at affordable prices: together we make this possible.

Who can adopt an olive tree and what do you need to do?
Anyone over 18 and resident in the European Union or Switzerland can adopt a tree from Ralda + Friends.

On our website you can select one or more of the olive trees from our two farms, “La Serra” and “La Plana“, for just one hundred euros a year. You will then receive a pack of three bottles of limited series olive oil, every four months (for a year), as well as benefiting from offers and exclusive activities for sponsors, including discounts in our online shop.

Our native olive tree varieties are Farga, Morruda and Sevillenca, which produce olive oil with an intense fruity taste. The best plots from the best years are also certified in order to obtain the “Baix Ebre Montsia” Protected Denomination of Origin. All our olives come from our farms or the farms that belong to our friends in and around the town of Godall.

What is the Welcome Pack?
The Welcome Pack is the first of the three special deliveries that adopters receive. It includes the adoption certificate, three half-litre bottles of olive oil and information about Godall and the Montsia region. Neither the Welcome Pack nor the two other shipments you will receive will incur additional costs for adopters who are resident in the Spanish Peninsular or Andorra. For other locations there will be a small charge to cover transport costs. This cost will be specified when you sign up to the adoption experience.
What are the features and benefits?
If you adopt an olive tree for a year you will be entitled to the following:
– Three deliveries of olive oil, including limited editions (which adds up to a total of 4.5 litres of olive oil a year)
– A certificate with the number of the olive tree you have adopted
– A discount of 20% on all the products on sale in our Online Shop
– An email newsletter in Spanish, French or English

With advance notice, and if you make a reservation, depending on weather and available dates, you can also:
– Take a guided tour of the thousand year old Godall olive tree route
– Take part in olive picking
– Have a picnic under the tree you have adopted (reservation and confirmation obligatory)
– Take part in special activities during the Godall Olive Festival (the second weekend in March), like a visit to a mill, olive tasting, excursions etc.

Subscription period. Do I have to renew my adoption every year?
The adoption experience lasts for 12 months. Before the end of your subscription, we will contact you to ask whether you want to renew it: if you decide to renew, renewal and payment will take place automatically and you will not need to sign up again on the Ralda + Friends site.


Who can shop in the Online Shop?
The products available in our online shop can be ordered directly from Spain (except for Ceuta, Melilla and the Canary Islands), Andorra, Austria, Germany, Belgium, continental France, the Netherlands, Italy, Luxembourg, Portugal and the United Kingdom. For other European Union countries, please contact us at the following email address – – and we will provide a tailored proposal depending on your order requirements and the destination country. If you are located in Switzerland, you should contact our exclusive local distributor at or buy by the means of our website
What can I buy in the Online Shop?
In our shop you can buy the olive oil we produce in Godall together with selected products from our friends (olives, olivada paste and rice). Adopters benefit from a 20% discount on all their orders throughout their adoption year.
When can I shop in the Online Shop?
All year round, you just pay on our website.
What are the Special Offers?
Special Offers are olive oil or other limited series products that we sometimes make available.
When do the Special Offers start?
We launch Special Offers especially for Xmas and they will be available until we sold  out the stocks. Every time we launch one of these offers we send out a newsletter with details. .
Can I combine products from the Special Offers section and from the Online Shop in the same order?
Of course you can, and you will only pay a single delivery cost. If you have adopted a tree and your order is more than 100 euros we will deliver for free, as long as the delivery is within Spain (except Canary Islands)


What types of oil can I find at Ralda + Friends?
All of the oil is either from our own harvest or from our friends in Godall. It is special oil made from the fruits of our native olive trees, most of which are hundreds, if not thousands of years old. The main variety of olives we use are Farga, Morruda and Sevillenca. They are high quality with an intense fruity flavour, mechanically pressed and not refined.

We select different types of oil (such as the Montsia-Baix Ebre Protected Denomination of Origin, oil from a single olive variety or green olives from the first press), depending on each individual harvest. In time, we also hope to offer limited series of other special types of oil and other products.

Which other products can I buy? How are these products selected?
As well as the oil we produce, there are also other regional products available: preservative-free olives, additive-free olive paste and delicious rice from the Ebro Delta.

We offer high quality artisanal products from the Terres de l’Ebre region, in the south of the Tarragona province. In this Mediterranean enclave there is a strong artisan tradition we want to share with you, which goes back for generations and respects nature and rewards quality.

How are these products selected?
The Terres de l’Ebre and the Montsia region are wonderful but relatively unknown areas, which have a ot of potential. All the products we offer are from this region and have authentic flavours, as a result of the quality of the raw material that goes into making them.

Our deep roots in the region, which is where our family is from, are our quality stamp: we are strong supporters of this social enterprise; we know all of the people who play a role in making the oil and the other gastronomic delights that we offer, and we can therefore ensure the traceability of the products that you order from us.

Our philosophy is to encourage responsible, quality consumption, by selecting our own products or products from friends of the family and offering them at competitive prices, to establish a close, transparent link between producer and consumer. Through this project, we want to ensure that quality food from small-scale producers and local cooperatives reaches urban consumers in Spain and across Europe.


I have just signed up to adopt a tree, when will I receive my Welcome Pack?
You will receive your welcome pack within a maximum of 10 working days of signing up to adopt a tree.
I have just placed an order in your shop, when will I receive it?
If you are located in the Spanish Peninsular or the Balearic Isles your order will be delivered in a maximum of 72 hours, excluding Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays.

If you are located in continental France, your order will be delivered in a maximum of 96 hours, excluding Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays.

Can I place more than one order in a single month?
You can place as many orders as you like, with a maximum of 36 bottles per order.

In the Online Shop our olive oil and other selected products are available all year round.

In the Special Offers section you can also place as many orders as you like during the sale period (i.e. during the months of December, March, June and September and until the 5th of the following month)

Can I buy products on from the Special Offers section from previous months?
No. The Special Offers are for a limited time only and there is limited stock. However, you can buy most of our oil and other products in the Online Shop all year round.
How do I cancel my adoption subscription?
The adoption lasts for one year, and is non-refundable. If you no longer wish to adopt a tree or you do not want to renew your adoption, you can inform us at any time by sending an email to with your name, surname, the email you signed up with, with “adoption cancellation” in the subject line.

We would be grateful if you could let us know why you have decided to cancel or not to renew your adoption so that we can improve our services.

Can I cancel my order?
No. Orders from our shop cannot be cancelled once they have been placed.
Who manages the delivery of my order?
All our orders are delivered by Mondial Relay, our logistic operator.
Olive oil is very delicate. How do you transport it?
Olive oil is a product that needs to be transported under certain conditions to avoid being spoiling. Our products are always protected by special packaging that stops the bottles being knocked or shaken and they are always transported at a specific temperature.

Our bottles are dark green in colour in order to protect the oil from light and oxidation. The production and expiry date are clearly marked on all of the bottles.

We recommend that you store the oil in a cool, dark place.

Can my order be delivered to an international address?
What are the delivery costs?
For all orders from our shop and from the special offers section, transport costs are calculated automatically for Spain, Andorra, Austria, Germany, Belgium, continental France, the Netherlands, Italy, Luxembourg, Portugal and United Kingdom according to the number of products ordered. The delivery costs will be listed during the purchase process and you can check them before you confirm the order. If you are an adopter and your order is for more than 100 euros, then transport is free for anyone located in the Spanish peninsula.

All of the delivery charges include insurance against loss or damage.

For the rest of the EU countries, costs will be calculated on an order-by-order basis and managed via email, not through the online shop. For orders to be delivered to Switzerland, please contact our exclusive distributor in Geneva by email at: or buy by the means of our website For the rest of the EU countries you can contact us at

Can I track my order?
Yes. Once payment has been taken, you will receive email confirmation of your order, and the confirmation will also be available on our website, in the section ‘My Account’.
Deliveries to peninsular Spain and Balearic Islands will be sent within 72 hours after the expedition. In case of Andorra, Austria, Germany, Belgium, continental France, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Portugal and United Kingdom, purchases will be delivered within 5 days.

What are the delivery options for my order?
Once your order is ready to be dispatched, you will receive a text message or email from the delivery company, with the delivery address and the phone number of the local office that will manage your delivery.

In Spain and the Balearic Isles, delivery will take place within 72 working hours from the time the order is received. For France delivery will take place within 96 hours.


What type of payment do you accept?
Our system accepts payments via PayPal, to which you can link credit or debit cards, as well as your current account. We also accept bank transfers at the following account: IBAN/ BIC: ES25 0081 0132 1600 0117 8519 / BSAB ESBB XXX
How and when is payment taken for the adoption?
Payment is taken when you sign up on the website to adopt a tree.
How and when is payment taken for an order?
Every time you make a purchase payment will be taken via PayPal.


Can I return an order?
Yes, purchases from the Online Shop and from the Special Offers section can be returned. To return the purchase you need to send an email to, with “Right to Refund” in the subject line and including the order number, within 7 working days of receiving delivery of your order.

You will need to return the order in its original state, correctly sealed in the original packaging (it cannot be damaged, dirty or open), and once we have checked that it is in order, you will receive a refund for the products that you have returned via the same payment method that you used for the purchase. Return delivery costs must be covered by the purchaser.

What should I do if the oil you send me is spoiled?
If you receive oil that you believe is spoiled then get in touch with us via email at and we will resolve any issues as quickly as possible, either by sending you a replacement product (if we have sufficient stock) or a full refund.
What should I do if my order is damaged?
If during delivery you notice that the packaging of your order is damp or you think it may be broken, please don’t accept the order and we will contact you to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.
What should I do if my delivery is incomplete or not what I ordered?
If we have made a mistake with the order, just email us at with your details and order number and we will replace it with the right order at no extra cost. Remember that before you accept any order you should check the contents and the condition it is in; do not accept it if you notice that anything is wrong with it.


How can I share Ralda + Friends with my friends?
There are three options:

a) Email invitation via a form where you be asked to enter the email of the person you wish to share it with and a personalised message
b) Posting an invitation to like Ralda + Friends on your Facebook wall
c) Sharing a link to our site via Facebook, Twitter, Google + or email

Can I give the adoption of a Ralda + Friends olive tree as a gift?
Yes, you can gift an adoption experience with its associated benefits, including the option to give the olive tree the name of the person adopting it. You can also give any of the products available in our Online Shop as gifts, as long as the address of the recipient is in the European Union or Switzerland.
How do I set up the gift?
In the adoption tab, choose your favourite olive tree and select the option to give it as a gift. The system should be straightforward and easy to use.
What happens if I give it to someone who has already adopted a tree?
If you give the adoption experience as a gift to someone who has already adopted an olive tree, their subscription will automatically renew for an additional twelve months at the end of their original adoption period.
What does the recipient need to do with the gift in order to activate it?
1) Click on the link that will be in the email that they receive with details of their gift
2) Create their profile and complete the registration process
3) Confirm their mailing address so that we can send them their first gift and subsequent shipments of oil
Once the adoption has been activated, when will I receive the olive oil?
If its the first time that you have signed up to an adoption experience with Ralda + Friends, you will receive the welcome pack within 10 working days of the activation date.


What is the social space?
At Ralda + Friends, we believe that the best way to experience the world of olive oil is by creating a community of people who love the product and the Mediterranean diet in general. So we have created an online experience where you can:

– Stay up to date with the latest news via our blog and newsletter
– Chat, share and invite others to like Ralda + Friends via our Facebook page
– Send us your opinion, ideas or recommendations to improve Ralda + Friends


How can I contact Ralda + Friends?
You can send us your comments by using the form on our website or by emailing us at and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

If you prefer, you can also contact us by phone at the following number: (+34) 629 209 428. Our customer service opening hours are from Monday to Friday, 10am to 2pm.