World Olive Day: “Choose olives to protect our planet and our health!”

The World Olive Day (every Nov. 24) is an annual event that was launched in 2016 by the International Olive Council (

According to this International forum, the World Olive Day is aimed to spread the concept that the olive production is an “agent in combating global warming”, because “olive growing has a positive carbon balance, sequestering more CO2 in its growth cycle than the greenhouse gases emitted in the production process of virgin and extra virgin olive oil”. On the other hand, “olive oil and table olives, are a proven source of nutrition and health, and key ingredients in the Mediterranean diet”.

Of course, from Ralda&Friends, we subscribe the celebration (and aspirations) of the World Olive Day, as our friends from “La Taula del Sénia”, “Salvem lo Montsiá”, municipalities and producers did.

That is the request of the International Olive Council, a body founded in 1959 that currently brings together 94% of olive oil and table olive producing countries. As the only global institutional forum for the olive industry, its main missions are to work for the harmonisation of national and international regulations to ensure a better control of product quality and consumer protection. You can read the Declaration of the World Olive Day here:

Dear friends, today we can easily announce that “Olive Oil is Life”

Alfredo & Pierre Ralda