The Mediterranean Diet celebrates 10 years as a UNESCO Heritage

The blog Aceites de España just reminded us that it was in 2010 when UNESCO proclaimed the Mediterranean Diet as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. This recognition has served to give greater international popularity to a diet of which we are a proud and integral part.

The Diet refers not only to the food we eat, but also to how it is produced and how it is consumed. Eating with more people (with family or friends) and doing it in a balanced way and from healthy and unprocessed foods such as our Extra Virgin Oilive Oil are basic requirements.

In Ralda+Friends we have always promoted all these things. For this reason , we highly recommend you to eat a good gazpacho, prepare a tasty salad, enjoy a delicious potato omelet,  a paella or a “fideua” with your favorite aioli? Prepare these foods with love and enjoy them in family to experience the Mediterranean Diet and the joy of being part of the universal heritage. If you also do it with our Extra Virgin Ralda + Friends oils, it will be the cream of the crop.

During the last months we have experienced a lot of bad news. Our bodies and souls are asking us to take care of ourselves. Let’s do it. And please send us pictures of your meals this summer at instagram!

Carpe Diem!

Alfredo & Pierre RALDA