Facing the Pillage of Millenary Olive Trees in Montsià

As we have already told you, one of the most painful problems nowadays in the “Tierras del Ebro” region is what we call the plundering of olive trees. It happens when our centennial and millennial olive trees are indiscriminately uprooted and sold to agents around the world so they can use them to better decorate the gardens and properties of rich people, companies or institutions.

For years, the “Salvem el Montsià” platform has been denouncing a situation that is considered an irreparable loss for our landscape, our environment and our economic and cultural heritage. Until now, this wealth can be found in our fields, but it takes a few hours to disappear. When an olive tree vanishes from our land, a part of our identities is lost as well.

At the beginning of 2019, the government of Catalonia promised to protect our olive trees through laws that would prohibit the extraction and trade. However, there has not yet been time enough to enact them yet.

In anticipation of this restrictive regulation, the pressure of those who buy and uproot olive trees has intensified. Thus, they can take advantage of a legal vacuum that is meant to disappear soon. Local press reported, for example, a new pillage in the area of the Ermita de la Pietat, in Ulldecona, at the beginning of April.

From Ralda + Friends we support the great tasks of “Salvem el Montsià” and we keep on offering our platform to spread this cause. We also ask the Catalan Government to act quickly to implement the  legislation yo protect our heritage.

The concern also extends to Europe

The message of “Salvemos el Montsià” is reaching out the national and international media . On April 11, the German weekly “Jungle World” detailed in an article how the pillage of the millenary olive trees is working: “In Spain, century-old olive trees are planted and sent around the world as luxury goods. Resistance to this lucrative business is being formed in Montsià, Catalonia”, said the journalist. You can consult the article in this link.