Ralda+Friends has a new online platform for our Swiss Friends!

We are happy to announce that we will launch officially next September our new website https://raldafriends.ch/, that is specifically aimed at our friends and adopters from Switzerland.

As we always say, ours is a family project whose roots, heart and hands are located in Godall (Tarragona, Spain). However, the idea was originated in Geneva, where we have the 50% of the team that we, the Ralda brothers, make. We also have many great friends and adopters in Switzerland who like to enjoy the sun, health and the wise gastronomy of our Tierras del Ebro.

However, as Switzerland is not part of the European Union, our friends there have had difficulties so far to buy in our online platform. By the means of the new website, and with the help of a Swiss local distributor, the company managed by Alfredo Ralda, who is responsible for the shipments and services, our friends and adopters will be able to enjoy Ralda + Friends’ products and fine olive oils.