Ralda+Friends 3.0: Introducing our renewed webpage

In Catalan language there’s a saying that goes: “Per Nadal, qui res no estrena, res no val”. That means: In Xmas time, you must wear/use something brand new, or you will show no respect for traditions. This is precisely what we want to do with the look and feel of our webpage, which we have updated in the last days of 2018.

From now on, those who browse www.raldafriends.com will find a more modern image and an interface that makes easier both the buying and the adoption processes to all of our visitors, friends and adopters.

Our updated web keeps all the features of the previous one, but its look and feel has been improved: bigger typographies to ease legibility and huge pictures to offer bigger detail on our products. We have also added some exclusive icons to make sure you will browse correctly wherever you are. For instance: the “Adopt an olive tree” section features a more complete schema of our lands of La Plana and La Serra with olive tree icons showing if they are available or not for adoption. As usual, you only need to move the cursor over the icon to see a real picture of the tree. There’s also a new icon in the heading of the “Online shop” section where you can find the silhouette of the mythic “Marquina” oil bottle, a design that’s been awarded many times around the world.

We invite you to visit and discover each of the sections of our new web and tell us what you think about it. We want to satisfy our friends and adopters as well as attract new visitors. This is an important step in our way to “Ralda&Friends 3.0”.

Speaking of 3.0, this year has been the fourth in the life of our project. Many things have happened during these four years, but as time goes by, many things change. One of these has been the increase in the costs of olive oil production. Therefore, the price of our adoptions will rise from 100 to 110 euros per year. We have done our best to keep constant the rest of the prices, as you will see in our webpage. Besides, our adopters will keep on benefit from a 20% discount in all the products of our catalogue.

We look forward to counting with the collaboration of our friends and adopters in carrying on our project: an initiative aimed to valorize the local producers, products and traditions of our lands and culture.

Alfredo & Pierre RALDA