Participate to the “Green Month” by Ralda+Friends!

We are sure that you ate receiving as we do a lot of emails and messages regarding the Black Friday promotions. But this year, at Ralda+Friends we have decided to not join this planetary initiative which promotes any kind of consumption and expenses.

As you may know, we are facing a particularly complicated year. If 12 months ago you had asked us how the situation would be in November 2020, nobody would have imagined the Covid19 crisis and its effect to the world economy.  Therefore, Ralda+Friends want to make a different proposal and set up a special promotion from now on and until the end the year (or exhaust existences):

The Green Month by Ralda+Friends.


What‘s this?

A month to acquire at a special price our classics (and already famous) Xmas Packs entitles “Terres de l’Ebre Packs”). So that this year everything is more complicated and want to work from now on same so that our friends and godfathers can continue giving (or giving) our products.


Why green?

Because green is the colour of the nature, a value that represent and that is at the same origin of our initiative.

Also because green is the colour of the olives and our olive oils, our reason of being and the passion of our family, since generations.

Finally because green is the colour of the hope. Something that we all need at anytime.


What does it include?

At this occasion, our classic Terres de l’Ebre Pack renews and multiplies with two versions, respecting as ever our premise: product of quality made with fondness and passion. And of proximity, so that to create our packs collaborating with other companies of the zone of the Terres de l’Ebre at the province of Tarragona (mainly these familiar business or cooperatives).


1) The new Pack “Terres de l’Ebre”

Our bestseller with products of proximity and quality. It includes an oil of extra virgin olive Ralda+*Friends of 50cl, a kilo of rice El Nostre Arròs, a pot of olives empeltre of Blai Peris and a tablet of chocolate CREO  with cinnamon. PVP VAT included: 25€, price for Friends of R+Fs 20 € (plus shipping cost)


2) the Green Pack

It includes an oil of extra virgin olive Ralda+Friends of 50cl, an single variety Sevillenca of  Lacrima Olea of 25cl (DOP Baix Ebre Montsià) of Godall Cooperative , a liqueur of rice cream la Bomba del Delta, a jar of honey with romaní of the l’Aví Lluís and one jar of tapenade of Blai Peris. PVP VAT included: 35€ Prices for Friends of R+Fs: 28 (plus shipping cost)


We hope you will like our new packs and invite you to make your requests as soon as possible. With a lot of countries with mobility restricted, we  foresee a more complex logistics that could affect the times of delivery. Therefore, we invite you at making one pre-reserve before the 15 of December by sending an e-mail at In addition to distribute our pack in Spain, we can also deliver them in Andorra, Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Portugal and The Netherlands.

Alfred & Pierre RALDA