Our Ralda+Friends 2021 packs now available! Just book them

As the Xmas Season gets closer, it seems like a countdown to the purchase of gifts and bargains begins. It’s every man for himself, as if the world were coming to an end! From Ralda&Friends, however, we prefer to bet on responsible and proximity shopping and that’s why we offer our Christmas packs to our friends. Attractive and affordable proposals that combine our best extra virgin olive oils with quality products from friends and producers from our area of Terres de l’Ebre.

Visit our online store to know them: https://raldafriends.com/en/online-shop/

Several combinations designed to give the flavor and color of the Terres de l’Ebre to family or friends that can also serve as corporate gifts. We carefully choose the products and assemble each pack manually and handmade and that, like good wine, takes time.

As this year logistic problems are announced all over the world, we suggest you not to wait until the last moment for your orders. We can guarantee that orders received by December 6th will be delivered before the “strong” dates of Christmas. After the 6th it is not certain.

We advocate slow food and slow shopping and we are not promoting Black Friday, or Cyber Monday. We simply want your gift to arrive on time.

If you book from the United Kingdom, you have to order minimum 3 packs in order to be delivered.

Here’s what you need to do:

Alfredo & Pierre Ralda